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Eternity - Front


Eternity - Back


Eternity, 2003

Kaye says, "This piece was based on a theme of time and space. The yoke is made up of twelve motifs of roman numerals dipicting a clock. I experimented with swirls, circles and stripes to get the feeling of space, e.g. Rings of Saturn, black holes, etc. The left hand sleeve was worked in one piece on a spiraling angle which continued down the front and towards the other sleeve. The rest of the garment evolved around that.

Materials used were a mixture of wool, feathers, metallic threads and novelty yarns. One size fits most.

Ancient Future - Front


Ancient Future - Back


Ancient Future

A hooded cloak based on the same time and space theme. The same yarns were used as for 'Eternity' – this time the motifs depict the signs of the zodiac.


Once Upon A Time

'Once Upon A Time'

A crocheted dragon. It was created with hand-dyed viscose tape and formed around a wire and wadding insert. The wings are made from silk paper.

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