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'Blood Gum Bark' Jacket - front 'Blood Gum Bark' Jacket - back 'Blood Gum Bark' Jacket - detail

'Blood Gum Bark' Jacket – begun in 1997

"This is very heavy and I have 'lightened up' since."

'Barrier Reef' Wall Panel    

'Barrier Reef' Wall Panel – 1995

"Coral Reef shapes and colours are a constant inspiration for me; the flexibility of knitted frills, picots and rouleaux and the firmness of crochet express growth and coral so well."

'Barrier Reef' Collar 'Barrier Reef' Beret  

'Barrier Reef' Collar & Beret – 1988

"Made for the teachers' exhibition at the Roseville Arts Centre, where I was teaching … very Australian. This was really the beginning of my 3D-style of work … toured Australia in the exhibition, 'Wool in the Australian Imagination' (1994-96)"

Coral Coral detail   Coral

Photographs by David Brinsmead

Audrey Dixon lives in New South Wales, but comes from the UK. Her work typically mixes knitting with crochet and her designs alternate between geometric patterned blankets, cushions and bags (not shown here) and organic freeform projects, including impressionist-style landscapes.

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