Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2003

Workshop Outlines

Susie Bowring-Miller | Jenny Dowde | Prudence Mapstone | James Walters

Prudence Mapstone's Main Workshop:

" Organic Crochet"

Organic Vest

In this workshop we will begin to explore some of the many creative possibilities available when using crochet in a free-form and seemingly random, multi-directional manner.

Using a wide range of both natural and man-made materials, from raw fibres to commercially produced yarns, and incorporating found objects and recycled materials, we will examine and perhaps even invent many new and exciting stitch combinations. Taking inspiration from the natural world, from the microscopic, through the back garden and on to the rainforest, or from rock pools to coral reefs, or even on to other worlds as seen through a telescope or just imagined, we will work intuitively to allow our hooks and needles free range to create richly tactile land, sea or spacescapes that could perhaps be filled with wondrous creatures.

Participants can incorporate other crafts such as knitting and hand stitchery along with their crochet, and can choose to work in miniature or on a grand scale.

One of my favourite verses from childhood was Lewis Caroll's "Jaberwocky", so arm yourselves with a selection of "vorpal" hooks and "frabjous" threads and come with me on a creative journey where we might just meet the "slithyest" of "toves", the very "mimsyest" of "borogroves" and the positively "tulgeyest" of woods!

Level of skill/experience:
Participants should have at least some prior skills in wielding their hooks and needles with confidence – just the basics will do, as lots of new skills and techniques will be mastered in this class.

Students to bring:
A wide variety of yarn and thread in whole balls, bits and pieces and odd balls, in colours that appeal to you, and preferably including a mix of both smooth and textured yarns (any fibre composition and ply or thickness is OK), together with as many sizes of crochet hooks and knitting needles as you own, plus some medium-size safety pins, a blunt-ended wool needle and scissors.

Prudence's Short Programme
(3-hour Workshop)

"Turning your freeform crochet into Wearable Art"

– bring along some of your scrumbles, some safety pins and a blunt-ended wool needle, and learn Prudence's techniques for pattern shaping and joining your crochet pieces together to make fabrics to fit to any size or shape you desire – from bags and berets, to jackets, shawls and capes.