Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2003

Workshop Outlines

Susie Bowring-Miller | Jenny Dowde | Prudence Mapstone | James Walters

James Walters's Main Workshop:

" The Garden of Eden …"

James maintains that to keep our awareness fresh and appetite keen we all need to go back to basics from time to time, to re-visit our own 'Garden of Eden' where everything is new and exciting, where there are no 'usual' or 'traditional' ways we 'must' do or look at things and where ... errmmm ... almost everything is allowed.

He will take your hand and lead you through the basic procedures of stitch- and fabric-making in a new way – this time, sins will be instantly forgiven and 'slips' will naturally be rewarded with extra points!

[The photographs below – courtesy of Pam North – are all from Sylvia and James's workshop for New South Wales Knitters – Sydney, May 1997]

Sylvia and James at NSW Knitters

Sylvia and James with the 'Blue Butterfly' dress.

Practical time will mainly be concentrated on experiments which may (but do not have to) work up into something big. The emphasis will be upon how to make things happen your way and how to make most use of the opportunities which are gifted to you when, as so often, they don't!

Sylvia demonstrating at NSW Knitters

Sylvia assembling a 'scrumble'

We shall re-visit all the 'scrumbling' techniques James and Sylvia taught up to 1997 and discover some more

Sylvia's Pebble Rug

Sylvia's Pebble Rug

Level of skill/experience:
Absolute beginners are welcome, but if, before you come, you make yourself reasonably fluent with the basic processes of making crochet chains, plus single and double crochet stitches, the more you will get out of this workshop and the convention as a whole by a very long way.

James using video

James using a video camera and TV to 'broadcast' a close-up

Students to bring:
• at least one crochet hook
• some yarn to 'fit' this
• scissors
• tapestry needle for sewing up
better still:
a selection of hooks to 'fit' as much assorted yarn as you can bring, that is, different colours, textures and qualities which work together, including plain and smooth, matt and glossy, knobbly, bobbly, fluffy, nubby, slubby, shiny, furry, slithery … now don't panic – whatever you bring will be just fine! … and there will be more advice on James's website eventually, at:

Materials, etc, charges:
Probably none – don't know yet ...

A heap of 'scrumbles'

A heap of 'scrumbles'

James's Short Programme
(3-hour Workshop)

" To begin at the beginning …"

This covers the same ground as the first part of the Main (Three-day) Workshop. Students will be given a comprehensive new look at all the basics. After the main presentation there will probably be some time left to start trying some of them with a new purpose and ambition.