Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2003

Workshop Outlines

Susie Bowring-Miller | Jenny Dowde | Prudence Mapstone | James Walters

Jenny Dowde's Main Workshop:

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side"

Jenny loves to experiment and push the boundaries and, with this in mind, invites you to join her in doing just that!

Two Vests
ReefScape Vest (first up!) – Urulu LandScape Vest (on MouseOver)

Discover your own crochet renaissance; new ways of expressing yourself with hook, fibre, wire and found objects. You will be gently encouraged to let your creative spirit soar way outside your comfort zone!

You may work with extravagantly gorgeous yarns and threads, plain yarns, strips of fabric, raffia, wire, or a combination of all of those! The choice is yours!

Add beads, buttons, feathers or whatever else takes your fancy! Work in total freedom, without the restrictions of linear patterns, or crochet rules. Combine crochet with knitting, embroidery or any other medium you care to use.

You may choose to create a vest, a wall-hanging, a magnificent piece of jewellery, or simply build a collection of samples.

Before you take off on your "Walk on the Wild Side" you will be shown several stitches that will allow you to create highly textural fabric plus how to introduce beads, knitting and other found objects into your work.

Level of skill/experience:
You should be reasonably fluent with the basic processes of making crochet chains, plus single and double crochet stitches, trebles etc.

• crochet hooks sizes 4.00mm to 6mm
• knitting needles sizes 4.00mm to 6mm
• one large knitting needle or piece of dowel approx 20mm in diameter
• if you have a hairpin lace tool, bring that …
• selection of yarns in all kinds of textures and thicknesses and other fibres such as ribbons, raffia, string, strips of fabric, lace and anything else you may want to work with
• pieces of soft leather or ultra suede
• large blunt ended wool needle
• safety pins
• tape measure
* rubber O-rings or steel curtain rings or similar
• anything else you may like to crochet 'around'
• plastic tubing in small to medium diameter
• notebook
• pen

… and, if you intend making a garment:
• Your favourite vest or jacket pattern
• 2 metres of cheap calico

Jenny's Short Programme
(3-hour Workshop)

"Learn to Crochet with Wire and Beads"

You will be shown the basics of adding beads to wire, then crocheting them into a piece of jewellery.

Wire & Beads Necklace

It's fast, it's easy and it's fun!

If we have time I'll also show you how you can use graphic software to create templates to freeform into

• steel crochet hook size 1.25 or 2.00
• hank of size 11 beads
• some other decorative beads for embellishing

If you can't find hanks of threaded beads, string some up yourself prior to the workshop to save time. You can, if you like, transfer the threaded beads to your wire.

• copper winding wire (available from Engine Rewinding shops)
– Size .20mm or .30mm
• or craft wire – Gauge 28 or 34
(I will have some wire for sale at the workshop)
• old scissors or wire cutters
• bra underwire