TAFTA Geelong

Forum Schedule

This will give you some idea of what to expect – bear in mind everything here is based on schedules for past years and things may be different now

Sun, 26 Sep:

Arrival (not before 1.30pm!)
4.30-5.30pm: General introductions – meet the tutors, etc

Mon, 27& Tue, 28 Sep:

9am-12pm & 2-4pm: Workshops

Wed, 29 Sep:

9am-12pm noon: Workshops
Afternoon: *'Free'
Evening: Party Time - 1

*The afternoon is officially 'free' with various options open to attendees,
but students may choose to work on during Wednesday afternoon,
but without their tutors, unless tutors choose to remain.

In 2001 Geelong Council gave Forum a Civic Reception which was wonderful … and funny considering what Janet wore<ROFL>, plus there was a sightseeing trip, a Fabric Stamping workshop (you pay extra to do it), or people simply went into Geelong and wandered! Maybe some even slept in preparation for Wednesday night's Party! – there are two at Geelong, so you really do need to pace yourself!!!

Thu, 30 Sep & Fri, 1 Oct:

9am-12pm & 2-4pm: Workshops
Evening: Party Time - 2

The Party format at Geelong is a tad different to the one at the Mittagong Forum – there isn't the same requirement to 'parade' (Some classes do, but we believe it's more of an invitational thing.)

Sat, 2 Oct:

9.30am-12pm noon: 'Open Day' & 'Heathen Bazaar'

There are no classes on Saturday at all.

12.30pm (after lunch):
• classrooms cleared
• accommodations cleared
• cars packed

Everyone must depart by 2pm